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Internet Providers Grayson

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TV Cable of Grayson County has been bringing cable programming to rural areas of Grayson County for over 20 years. We are the leading cable Internet providers. Grayson residents enjoy the highest speeds for home and business Internet access.

Why cable Internet instead of Satellite, DSL or T1 services?

Simple: cable Internet access provides the highest Internet access for the lowest cost. In fact, cable Internet access provides speeds up to 10x faster than T1 speeds.

Why choose TV Cable of Grayson County as your Internet provider?

The experts at TV Cable of Grayson County are the best and most reliable high-speed Internet providers.

Our technical support representatives for our Internet customers are always available by phone anytime, everyday of the year.

The network of TV Cable of Grayson County is monitored continuously to provide the highest level of reliability and security. Our packages were designed to provide the speed and service that you need at a price you can afford.

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Grayson County Housing Facts

Average household size:
Grayson County:    2.5 people
Texas:    3 people

Estimated median household income in 2009: $43,261 ($37,178 in 1999)
Grayson county: $43,261
Texas:    $48,259

Median contract rent in 2009 for apartments: $522 (lower quartile is $417, upper quartile is $640)
This county:    $522
State:    $632

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $103,400 (it was $67,800 in 2000)
Grayson County: $103,400
Texas:    $125,800
Lower value quartile - upper value quartile: $59,000 - $168,900

Mean price in 2009:

    Detached houses: $188,785
    Grayson County: $188,785
    State: $177,060

    Townhouses or other attached units: $100,798
    Grayson County:$100,798
    State: $170,403

    Mobile homes: $61,786
    Grayson County: $61,786
    State: $42,156

    Occupied boats, RVs, vans, etc.: $20,538
    Grayson County: $20,538
    State: $34,447

Median monthly housing costs for homes and condos with a mortgage: $1,157
Median monthly housing costs for units without a mortgage: $391

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