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Internet Providers Pottsboro

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About Pottsboro, TX

The City of Pottsboro is located just 75 minutes north of downtown Dallas, on Lake Texoma. The area was settled in 1879 by James A. Potts, a pioneer settler who donated land for a town and a right-of-way so that the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad could extend its tracks westward from Denison to the area. Because of the railroad extension, the town became a business center and was incorporated in 1880 as "Pottsborough". With the establishment of the post office in 1891, the "u-g-h" was dropped by the Federal Government, thus we have our current spelling, Pottsboro.

Throughout the years, this area has seen many changes, going from a railroad town and agriculture community to "bedroom" community for the industries and businesses in Sherman, Denison and the Metroplex. The most significant change was the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers building of the Denison Dam which created Lake Texoma. This 3 mile long structure holds back 89,000 surface acres of water and provides hydroelectric power for North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Built by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers the project was begun in 1938 and completed in 1944. Since the completion, the area has evolved into a prime residential and recreation choice.

With the new State Highway 289 (Preston Road) from Highway 56 northward to Highway 120 and the planned rebuilding and widening of Highway 120 the Pottsboro area will continue to grow with changes, challenges and an ever evolving image.

The main goal of the City is to maintain a small-town atmosphere and to provide quality services to its citizens.*The official population of the City of Pottsboro is 1,579.

Pottsboro is a full service City and encompasses an area of 3 square miles.

The City of Pottsboro is a General Law City and operates under the Council-City Manager form of government. The City Council is the governing body and has the power to make and enforce all laws and set policy related to municipal affairs.

The City Manager is responsible for carrying out the policies of the City Council and for the proper and efficient management of municipal activities. The City Manager directs and manages the various departments and municipal services through appointed Department Heads who directly supervise and administer the various City programs, services, and activities.

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